Habitat Stewardship

Habitat Stewardship

Caring for our Community’s Treasure: Mt. Pisgah

Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah fulfills our mission by:

  • Nurturing native habitats by enhancing oak savanna and prairie, restoring floodplains and rivers, controlling invasive weeds, and operating a native plant nursery
  • Fostering a stewardship ethic through volunteerism
  • Improving trails to provide access and protect natural resources
  • Advocating for park land acquisitions
Mt. Pisgah: Diverse and Rare Habitats
  • Diverse habitats support over 500 plant species
  • Rare and endangered native habitats, plants and wildlife make their home in the Mt. Pisgah area


“The Willamette Valley’s native oak and prairie habitats are among the most endangered in North America, harboring 189 species at risk of extinction, some of which occur nowhere else on Earth.  Less than two percent of these original habitats survive, and what remains is subject to intense development pressures.” The Nature Conservancy

Mt. Pisgah: Home to a Variety of Fish and Wildlife

The area’s diverse terrestrial and aquatic habitats are home to hundreds of species, including:

  • Western meadowlark (Oregon’s state bird, pictured), bald eagle, osprey, red-tailed hawk and more than 100 other bird species
  • Cougar, coyote, weasel and river otter
  • Western pond turtle, red-legged frog and northwestern salamander
  • Winter steelhead, spring chinook salmon and Pacific lamprey

Habitat Program Highlights

Native Plant Nursery: We propagate over 80 species of native plants for habitat projects on Buford Park and beyond.
Floodplain Restoration: We have planted over 70 riparian acres with a diversity of natives, restored flows into side channels in the South Meadow and created backwaters that benefit fish, turtles, herons and other aquatic species.
Oak & Prairie Habitats: We use prescribed fire and remove invasive weeds to conserve rare oak and prairie habitats.
Invasive Control: We monitor and control weeds that displace native plants and wildlife.
Habitat Planning:  We secured funding and are facilitating an inter-agency habitat management plan, led by Lane County, to conserve Buford Park’s extraordinary resources for future generations.

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