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Explore Buford Park’s Newest Trail in the South Meadow

For a change of pace from the usual summit hike, or if you simply want a more leisurely stroll, try the South Meadow Trail. With help from REI and Lane County Public Works, the Friends’ crew and volunteers have built Buford Park’s first new trail in nearly 9 years! This lovely trail winds through the restored South Meadow floodplain giving visitors many opportunities to see, hear, and fully appreciate the abundant life of this special place.

Wetland Overlook with bench

After being temporarily closed during restoration, the South Meadow has reopened offering visitors a wonderful mix of wildlife and wildflowers along one of the few level routes in Buford Park. For a moment of stillness and clarity, let the trail lead you to a wetland overlook. Here, a beautiful stone and wood bench was built by Eagle Scout Ed Vinis in memory of his father. Hear Ed’s story in this video clip.

At another site, a wildlife viewing blind is taking shape, its base already planted with natives from the Friends nursery. Take a minute to look for the beavers working on their dam or enjoy the pond turtles & goldfinches who’ve moved in.  FBP members donated more than $8,000 in cash and materials to build the blind for everyone to enjoy.  To learn more about the wildlife viewing blind, click here.

Mowed paths invite further exploration and enjoyment of how this floodplain is coming back to life!  Download a South Meadow Trail Map here.  To get involved in helping build and maintain trails with the Friends, see the volunteer page or email the Volunteer Coordinator to get on the workparty notification list.

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