Meadowlark Prairie

Meadowlark Prairie Restoration

In 2012, the Friends expanded their restoration efforts of Mt. Pisgah’s rare prairie and oak savanna habitat in the “Meadowlark Prairie,” a 265-acre site on the east side of Lane County’s Buford Park.

View our FBP Meadowlark Prairie and Savannah project overview  (view PDF)


This new collaborative project with Lane County is removing blackberry, Scot’s broom and other invasive exotics. The Friends will continue implementing ecological burns, in partnership with Oregon Department of Forestry, at this location. These restoration actions will be followed by sowing native grass and wildflower seed to restore a diverse native plant community.

Value in Restoring Floodplains

chris orsinger, friends of buford park and mount pisgah
Chis Orsinger, Executive Director, for The Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah, relates his thoughts on “The Value In Restoring the Riparian Zones of the Coast Fork of the Willamette River.” The threatened wetlands along the Willamette’s Coast Fork, when restored to the native habitat, provide a safe haven for the native species who inhabit them. Click here or on his photo to watch the video.

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