monarchBe an Anniversary Angel and give the Friends Wings to Soar for 25 More Years! 

CAMPAIGN GOAL: $200,000 by year-end!

In 1989, when the greater Mt. Pisgah area, including Buford Park, was still a “diamond in the rough”, committed people just like you founded the Friends to protect and enhance native ecosystems and comAngel Buttonpatible recreation.

Since then, we’ve generated $4 more dollars for every $1 received as a gift and, together, we’ve invested 92,000 hours of volunteer time and $5.3 million in cash to steward this treasure! With your support, your caring, your advocacy and involvement, there’s now 4,700 acres of protected lands within and around Buford Park, giving our community a priceless natural asset five times bigger than New York’ Central Park!

Now, there’s HALF A MILLION visitors to the Mt. Pisgah area every year, and the Friends are needed more than ever to help people and nature thrive together! CLICK HERE to learn more.


Special 25th Anniversary Edition of “The Rookery” Newsletter

Because of FRIENDS like YOU, we’re celebrating a successful quarter-century of protection, enhancement, and stewardship of the greater Mt. Pisgah area! Please share this special edition with anyone who’d like to know how citizens care for this natural gem.  Click HERE for the story including current project updates, summary charts, and a timeline of photos and key milestones.


Because people & nature need each other…

Valley-StormFounded in 1989, the mission of Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah is to protect and enhance native ecosystems and compatible recreation in the Mt. Pisgah area. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to conserve the Mt. Pisgah area’s incredible botanical, wildlife and recreational values. The Friends mobilize funding, scientific expertise and volunteer resources to improve the botanical, fish, wildlife and recreational values throughout the greater Mt. Pisgah area.

Our activites include:

–Enhancing recreation by improving trails to protect the park’s native beauty. –Nurturing native habitats through scientific restoration projects. –Cultivating a culture of stewardship through community involvement and volunteer service. –Advocating for land protection and landowner collaboration in the greater Mt. Pisgah area.

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