Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Nursery

The Friends Native Plant Nursery
at Buford Park.

What is the Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah Native Plant Nursery?

The Friends grow approximately 100 different native species at our 2-acre nursery in Buford Park. The primary purpose is to provide genetically-local plant materials for our work to restore native habitat in the Mt. Pisgah area. We also supply partner agencies like The Nature Conservancy and watershed councils with native seed that would be hard to find elsewhere. We source the original seed from the greater Mt. Pisgah area so that we maintain the biodiversity of the area and give the plants the best chance of survival in the field.

Volunteer at the nursery!

Volunteers are key to our success at the nursery. Join us year-round on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month for some experiential learning about cultivating native plants and to share your knowledge. We work 9 am to noon except for the summer months, when we start at 8 am to beat the heat. No experience necessary. We provide tools, gloves, snacks and instruction. Contact Mieko or (541) 344-8350 for more information. Groups welcome!

Purchase plants for a piece of Pisgah in your yard

Would you like to grow native Pisgah plants in your own garden? We do offer one sale for the public every spring. Date for 2018 TBA.

Other sales are available by appointment. Integrating native plants in your garden and landscape has many benefits, from their natural ability to withstand seasonal changes (including drought) to providing important habitat for our native bees and butterflies. All native plants for sale are of Mt. Pisgah (Southern Willamette Valley) provenance. Most are sourced from Lane County’s Buford Park.

Plot sponsors provide financial support to ensure a successful seed harvest.

Your investments are matched by thousands of hours contributed by nursery volunteers. Sponsoring a plot is a great way to honor a family member or friend while creating a more beautiful and bountiful future for people and nature. Contact Gretchen for more information or (541) 344-8350.

To Become a Plot Sponsor, visit our Support Page.

Directions to the nursery

Click here for directions.

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